• A Partnership Blooms


    Shannon Summers and Adrienne Kraig are Certified Health Life, Transformation Mastery Coaches, Co-hosts of the Two Girls Seeking Truth Podcast, and Internationally Published Keynote Speakers. Their friendship blossomed through learning and growing while working on their Mastery Certification at Health Coach Institute. Their passion, helping women transform their health and their lives through the emotional work they do, is what brings Shannon and Adrienne together as coaches. The Two Girls Seeking Truth Podcast is their platform to explore a wide variety of topics where they can be out there coaching their listeners every week in hopes of Connecting their Life and Souls.

  • Meet 2 Girls

    Adrienne Kraig

    Certified Health Transformation Mastery Coach

    Adrienne Kraig is a Certified Health Transformation Mastery Coach and founder of LifeCanyon Ltd. She focuses on a Holistic approach to achieving a healthy body and confidence, through courage and accountability. She provides support with overcoming Emotional Eating, Self-Sabotage, and the lifestyle changes needed to create the healthful life her clients’ desire. Adrienne’s personal journey with weight loss and emotional eating has inspired her passion for helping women become the best version of themselves when it comes to their health and making their journey easier. She is also the author of her own Blog, The Healthy Life Journal. Adrienne helps women carve out the healthy life they deserve! Schedule Your Free 1- hour Healthy Body Breakthrough Discovery Session today!

    Shannon Summers

    Certified Health, Life and Transformation Mastery Coach

    Shannon Summers is an Internationally published speaker and a Certified Health, Life, and Transformational Coach. In addition, has completed a Mastery Coaching Certification Program. She has always been a seeker and coaching really resonates with her. She just can't get enough of the power of transformation and the effect it has on my clients!


    Her Private Coaching Practice focuses on Mindset and Accountability Coaching for Women, customized and tailored to their personal needs. By offering Mindset Shifts that Inspire and Create Empowering Change, I help women get their Groove Back so they may create a life they love!


    Women go through so many stages and changes throughout Their lives. With all the different peaks and valleys, it can be challenging to hang on to who we are and even to pursue who we want to be. This is where her work is done! Having a strong support system, accountability and someone that can dive deeper with you to work through any underlying issues that may arise, helps make this shift and transformation a successful, life changing one!




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  • Exciting Change for Two Girls Seeking Truth Podcast...

    Adrienne Kraig and I started Two Girls Seeking Truth Podcast together, as a content for women brand, I loved it too much to let it go! Her Coaching path has taken her in another direction and that is where Shannon Summers Seeking Truth Podcast was born! I decided to take the wheel and continue our journey with all my Truth Seekers in tow! You can still listen to the #39 episodes we recorded together on your favorite podcast platform or InFlowRadio.com. I would love to have you become a Truth Seeker and continue this adventure with truth and a sprinkle of laughter!


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