My 5 Week Raw Food Journey


I just spent the holidays on a RAW food healing adventure. I invested in a program run by Dr. Brooke Goldner and her husband. She is known for being a Medical Dr who healed her Lupus with food. She has written a handful of books and been featured in several magazines.   

I started by ordering her book Goodbye Lupus on Amazon. I must admit I was excited about her and the healing potential once I came across it. I mean who does not want to heal right?! At the same time, I also ordered her Green Smoothies Recipe book. My first thought was that I would do this on my own. After reading her Goodbye Lupus book I decided I would invest in her program. 

Her next group was going to be over the holidays but that did not hold me back. I had years of eating the traditional holiday fare, but I was willing to sacrifice the holiday traditions to heal. I was part of a group of 30 which I did not mind. There is always support in a group setting when goals are the same.   

I spent the next five weeks drinking 96 ozs of Green Smoothies daily. The other food I could have was 2+ additional cups of any green veggies. I used the additional veggies for my dinner. My husband decided to jump on the band wagon with me. I was proud of him for making the commitment and supporting me.   

We both experienced some detox the first two weeks. Despite that we were feeling pretty darn good. My husband is a meat eater, and he was concerned that his nutritional needs would not be met eating RAW greens and a small amount of fruit.   

He had his phone out in the beginning and was on My Fitness Pal tracking everything we were eating. To his surprise it was sufficient daily intake of calories. The second week in he went to donate blood. They checked his iron level there and he was good there too. His cholesterol had gone down, and he was pleasantly surprised.   

We both stayed full the entire time. We did experience cravings the first three weeks. After that we would say what we were thinking and it would sound good to eat, but were not pulled by a craving. I decided to keep my menu the same and simple. We both ate broccoli, avocado, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes for our two+ cups of veggies.   

Once things wrapped up, we both decided to keep incorporating the green smoothies in our day-to-day menu. My husband eats meat and I do my WFPB. We both felt good on Dr G's protocol. We lost weight and inches, and both had more energy, who does not need that!   

If there is anyone out there wanting to give the RAW food healing protocol a try, I would highly recommend hers. She is compassionate having beat Lupus herself and has a huge knowledge base being a physician. 

Thank you, Dr. Goldner!   

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